Ristiäiskakku / Christening Cake

Oh my godness where should I start?

This cake right here, what a hell of a project. It was my first cake order ever so you might guess what kind of a stress I was in.

You know the shows like Cake Factory etc, right? At first, everything goes well, no stress at all, the fondant acts nicely and everything's calm. But then, something really dramatic happens and it seems like no one can deal with it. Something like they drop the whole cake or the fondant flowers crack or something. This happened to me.

I was doing pretty well until I started rolling the blue fondant on top. It was a disaster. I had to re-do it for at least five time just because it got stuck to the table. After finally managing to get the whole piece of fondant out of the table and re-rolling it I somehow did survive and got it on top of the cake. Smoothing it is a whole new story. 

At least the cake is delicious, and after all, that's all that matters right?

After many hours, many "wohoo!!"s, too many dishes, a few tears, desperate moments and kilometers it is finally done.

Can we get a "hell yeah!"?

Kakkupohja: http://www.kinuskikissa.fi/vinkkeja/?hakusivu=1
Täytteet: http://www.kinuskikissa.fi/mustikka-vaniljatayte/?hakusivu=1

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